Thursday, May 18, 2006

Space ghost wants Bill Gates' money

Microsofts Peter Moore gets a grilling from Space ghost.
Has to be seen to be believed....and laught at!

I thought I was mental

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

GTA4 We wish we knew less

Dave: "Rockstar are creating a Grand Theft Auto 4!! "
Stan: "wooo hooooow wick....Hang on....didnt we allready know that?"

Its amazing how so little can become such big news.
To be honest I wasn't really expecting to find out anything about GTA4, but hey...if they want to get me all excited about a game thats over a year away there aint nothing I can do about it..........BAS***DS.

E3 attendance drop

The number of industry professionals attending E3 dropped from 70,000 to 60,000 this year.
If they want to send me a ticket next year, ill be their friend!

According to games industry biz this was intentional, as last year was considered over crowded so steps were put into place to try and cut attendance this year. Giving the booth babes more clothes to wear....that kinda thing!!!

Source =

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Game over yeah gets a new look

Our friends over at Game Over Yeah have had themselves a little make over.
So if you havn't checked them out yet, then head over HERE.

Just tell um the Monkey sent you!!!

Apple loose theif dulux colour chart?

Apple have released a macbook that comes in black?

They'll release ipod earphones that arn't white next!
Just you watch.

I think i need to sit down....ohh wait...... I am sitting down!

Full details on the new macbook can be found HERE

Is 3 the magic number that will topple iTunes?

I imagine that allot of you will be familiar with the mobile network 3.
The 3g network and first mobile network to offer mobile video calls (although for some reason that ive never been able to work out, some of their phones didnt do video calls).
You may however, not know that 3 offers a music download service that is gaining increaing popularity and is the second largest music download source that is only surpased by Apples iTunes.

3 claim that in April, they took 17% of the UK market for digital music.
Not bad for a network that have been dogged by allot of critismn in the past.

for here

Goodbye Master Chief?

Nice box art

So big news this E3 for us Xbox luvers is news of the next Halo game being reffered to by the very original name Halo 3.

Now actualy....I take that wasnt news. What I ment was that they showed a video which, designed to make everyone think its the last Halo game, causing an uproar to take attention from the fact that Sony actualy decided to take the machine to the show.

Lets face it....Sony wouldnt exactly settle Laura Croft to her own Tomb just yet and Nintendo are not exactly gonna hand Mario his p45. Wonder where he'd work if he stopped being a plumber? hmm....answers on a postcard.

Return of the mack

Its the return of the mack....errrr I mean monkey.
The Gadget Monkey has been away for a while tending to real life...and getting overly addicted to World of Warcraft (its crack for gamers).....and some how i've joined a band!

But now im back...waheeey.
Lets get on the with the show!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

EU states all new cars to be fitted with eCall by 2009

The EU is looking at having all new cars fitted with a new product called eCall.
Which is hoped, will cut Road deaths by 2,500 a year across the EU countries.

When a car fitted with eCall is in an accident, the device contacts a call centre with the location, details about the modal of the car and the severity of the crash. The operator in the call centre can even speak to the driver of the car to get verbal conformation of the incident.

The sudy into eCall has been funded by the Europen COmission and a deadline of 2009 for all new cars to be fitted with the system has been set. Manufacturers have agreed to this however they are pushing £300 worth of costs onto the consumer.

Via times online

PSP Bling

Designed to put the bling into your PSP, news of these metal stickers have been around for a while, but people have been unsure of the price. However, thanks to PSP update, we now have a price point, $20~21 USD wwhich includes a screen cover and wipe aswell as a sticker remover.

World of Warcraft: Power company Strike + Free days gaming

On the 12th of April the power company that supply some of the servers for Blizzards life sucking game World of Warcraft, had themselves an employee strike which resulted in several servers shutting down.

As way of resolve, Blizzard will be giving gamers on the effected servers a days credit to say sorry. Now if only they could stop Stormreaver from lagging and kicking me out or atleast give me a couple of Epic's to say sorry.

Affected Servers
Kul Tiras
Scarshield Legion
Steamwheedle Cartel

Desktop Turtle

We love high powered gadgets. But not all gadgets are about being bigger, stronger and faster....some are just about being down right pointless but cute. Like the solar powered nodding head people.

The walkie bits are little turtles that swagger there way across your desktop with a happy little sway that says "hey, you may have a load of paper work to do, but put down the staple gun.....its not worth it".
Big in suprises!

They cost $29 and come in Dot Blue, Heart Pink, Star Yellow, Melon, Mint, Orange, Peach, Pine, Soda, Snow, Blue, Green.

Available HERE

Monday, April 17, 2006

UV meter

Now living in Bournemouth, its about to get to that time of year when everyone jumps in their cars and invades the beaches. Lets face it. When the sun comes out we have to rush to get as much as we can. Now Im not about to go all medical on you because we all know we should not spend to much time in the sun and that we should cover up. It can be a little hard to judge though, how much protection we need. I once got a tan at a festival when it was cloudy and raining....and it was up north.

This is where the UV meter comes in handy.

Ideal for all ages - research has shown that it is especially important to protect the skin during the first 18 years of life, so kit your kids out with a UV Meter for complete peace of mind.
For ski-ing enthusiasts - fresh snow refects up to 80% of the Sun's rays so even if it's cold, you may be being exposed to harmful UV rays and need to limit your time on the slopes.

Small and lightweight - can be easily worn around your neck or on your wrist with anti-slip and anti-splash design, perfect for being poolside.

Easy to read - clear LCD screen displays temperature, recommended sun exposure time, recommended sun protection factor, time already spent in the sun and when its time to go indoors and take shade.

Lets face it £12.95 is not much to help stop you getting skin cancer.
Available HERE

A man is his office

Now all I need is a sunset painting with Palm Trees

Hey Man.
Since watching Scare Face I have always thought that a man is nothing without a gangstar office.
But your hardly gonna get G'd Up from the mother f**king Knees up by nipping down to Argos.

If your looking for somthing a bit special then check out Ambiance Dore.
It aint the cheapest, but you will get an Office fit for Sir Alan Suger himself.

The Mac cover for Ravers

The Mac case for the Raver within.
Ideal for the budding Reason mad producer of Rave up lover.

Lets face it weve had everything from spikey clothes to lighters, its about time someone did a mac carry case. Not that you would take a Mac to a Rave.


Bug Off

If you are heading to any Theme Parks over the next few months I would recomend some of these:

With all the water rides and heat there where swarms of Mosquitos and bugs about and as you will be spending most of your time in line waiting, do yourself a favour and get a pack of repelant wrist bands.

You can get them HERE. They are only £5 for 5 and better than being bitten the crap out of.

Gadget Monkey Goes 0-80 (mph) in 2.3 seconds

Last week the Gadget Monkey took a trip to Thorpe Park to try out the new ride, Stealth.
Now its a little known fact that when the Gadget Monkey wants to relax, he likes to strap himself to massive industrial machines and have himself fired through the air at break neck speed. It was WICKED!

For those of you whome dont know about Stealth, the main attraction is the fact that it does 0-80 mph in 2.3 seconds. Now as much as I enjoyed this, to be honest I cant really remember it that much. Acceleration like that makes you blind for a few seconds but you "feel" it, ow feel it!!!!!. Within about 4-5 seconds your at the top of the loop, at which point your sight has come back and your suddenly aware that your up in the air.....HIGH up in the air!!! What goes up must come down.

The most fun anyone could have using electo magnets!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

10,000 Wines in your pocket

Now here at Gadget Monkey we love a bit of wine and we know a bit about it. Well we like to think we do anyway. However with so much choice out their its hard to know what to buy. Probably why big brands like Hardys and Jacobs Creek do well. They are safe, well known brands. Shame they dont taste to great, in our opinion.

If you however would like to try something different then there IS help out their.
The Wine Master is a handy pocket size electronic device which holds over 10,000 wine and spirit reviews. So next time your down the super market and trying to decide if you want a bottle of Jacobs Creek or that weird French one you cant pronounce, you can have a little read up.

Great idea. We like it!
Read more

Gadget monkey Wine recomendation :
  • Darenburg Dead Arm
  • Heartland Directors Cut
  • Hegarty No3
  • Penealolen
  • Any Concha Torro Wine makers lot

First Single to be release on mobiles

Angl-Italian dance group "Planet Funk" are soon to be the first group to create a single that will be distributed via mobile phones. A first for Britain. Although that F**king crazy frog was available on phones, the song was available on cd. WHY?? we dont know either!!

The tune will cost 99 cents and is to be called "Stop me". Im sure we will try.

Its worth noting that 3's audio sales now account for 3.7% of the single chart. Not bad going really.

IS that a Sammy in your Wallet??

Got $525 to spare? why not get one of these shipped in from Korea.
The Samsung SCH-V870 has just been unveiled and is a credit card sized mobile phone.
A good idea, but it has to be housed in a special wallet style case to carry a spare battery due to the fact that a thin phone means thin battery which in turn means crap battery life.
I just hope that if its in your back pocket it doesnt snap, like my bank cards do!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Monkey Robot

From the guys that created Robosapien comes this litteral Gadget Monkey.

The Facetronic Chimpanzee is an animatronic monkeys head that the makers promise will be more lifelike than the products they have brought us before.


Main Features
  • Chin Touch Sensor
  • Eyes which Blink and Follow Objects Passing the Front of His Face
  • Stereo Hearing Meaning he can Detect and React to Sounds on Both Sides
  • 4 Different moods
  • Flick its ears and wait for the Chimps reaction
  • Comes with remote control handset packed with features
  • Top of Head Touch Sensor
    Sonic Sensors and Touch Sensors on Both of the Facetronic Chimpanzee's Ears
  • Modes Include: Guard Mode, Alive Mode, Program Mode, Demo Mode and Sleep Mode

It costs around £149.95. Cheap as errrr...monkeys!

Available from thegadgetstore

Xbox 360 : Plug your pad into the wall

Back in days gone by, when microsft was showing of their Xbox 360 console, there was a charging device that kept poping up during promotion, apparently. The Controller wall charger.
No to be honest I never remember seeing this myself and yet again comes with an Pril the 1st warning, but looks genuine enough.

The kit has now been spotted.
It will allow users to plug the pad straight into the wall and "Fast" charge the battery taking down the charge time to just 2 hours. It has an rrp of $29.99 and will probably end up being £29.99 over hear.

Wikipedia April Fools round up

With so many Gadget/tech Sites using the 1st of April to unleash some crazy stroies and wind people up, Wikipedia has compiled a list of articles which are April Fools.


µTorrent announced on its homepage "Now with over 69% of Java™ (for a limited time only)"

GameFAQs hosted an image that said stated, "You can cheat but you can't hide" logo. They explained that GameFAQs had been shut down by a group of game programmers. Their reasoning was that people who cheated at video games cheated game developers that had spent hundreds of hours developing it. Visitors who scrolled down to the end of the page got a notice that said that it was just an April Fool's joke and that they would be redirected in 60 seconds.

MPGlass 230m. Tv Visor

Ok weve seen them before. Only once though and they were going second hand in a GAME shop, but TV glasses/Visors keep being made.

The glasses will give you the same view as if you were watching a 30" screen from a distance of 2 metres. The idea is to give movie/games/TV watchers there own personal viewing environment, but at $520 (about £300) you might aswell go buy a 30" TV that your mates can watch with you.


Zombie on a leash

Anything that is posted April 01 makes me feel a bit uneasy when I read about it. The internet is like an April Fools heaven, but I couldn't help but post up this.

Up for the gadget monkey strangest idea award, the Zombie hand, gives you a hand to hold while walking your goat....or dog. Why ow Why??


SideKick III

If your interested in T-mobiles new sidekick III mobile device, you can now keep up with leaked images and information at the sidekick3 blog. Theres a blog for everything!